Prices presented are in $US, and for U.S. domestic customers only. International sales add 20%.


Part Number Description Price
T1U-SR-02 1U Chassis Slide Rails $150.00
T2U-SR-04 2U Chassis Slide Rails $150.00
T4-DEV-03.T4H-252500-66 ACE Studio Development Platform $5,750.00
T4H-25250-66 Telestra 2U Multicore Spare with Solid State Removable drive $5,750.00
T4H-25250-76 Telestra 1U Multicore Spare with solid state rem drive $6,500.00
T4H-25260-66 Telestra Target spare with upgraded 4-Port Ethernet card $6,250.00
TL-AT.T4H-252405-66 Telestra Target 2U Multicore with Upgraded 4Port Ethernet $6,250.00
TL-AT.T4H-252500-76 Telestra Target 1U Multicore with SolidState Rem Drive $6,500.00
TL-AT.T4H-252505-66 Telestra Target 2U Multicore with SolidState Rem Drive $5,750.00


Part Number Description Price
AI-S ASTi Interface-Single $600.00
RCK-PRC-117F-01 Remote Radio Control Kit $850.00
RCK-URC200-01 Remote Radio Control Kit for URC-200 $850.00
TB-MED-MS Touchscreen PC Mounting Stand $65.00
VC Voisus Client - Software $800.00
VC-A Advanced Voisus Client $1,200.00
VC-IC Voisus Intercom Client $400.00
VC-MO Voisus Client-Monitor Only $400.00
VS-RTL Voisus Software Runtime License $2,000.00
VS-RB Voisus Radio Bridge Software $800.00
VS-SRV Voisus System - 2U Rackmount with 4 Ethernet ports -Removable Hard drive $4,000.00
VS-SRV.VSH-252100-26 Voisus Communications System 1U with Solid State Removable drive $4,250.00
VS-SRV.VSH-252104-66 Voisus System 2U Rackmount with Rem Solid State Drive $3,500.00
VS-SimScribe Voice Capture and Replay Tool $1,000.00
VSH-25250-66 Voisus Server Spare with 2 Offboard Ethernets $4,000.00


Reference App Note 85 for software functionality pricing, ACE-MPL-XXXX where XXXX equals XXXX Dollars. 1 credit = 1 dollar.

Part Number Description Price
ACE-DLC Diskless Client License $500.00
ACE-HFS HF Environment Server $2,000.00
ACE-HLA HLA Software Package $2,000.00
ACE-MPL-10000 Software Functionality $10,000.00
ACE-MPL-12000 Software Functionality $12,000.00
ACE-MPL-15000 Software Functionality $15,000.00
ACE-MPL-20000 Software Functionality $20,000.00
ACE-MPL-25000 Software Functionality $25,000.00
ACE-MPL-5000 Software Functionality $5,000.00
ACE-SEC Security Software License $350.00
ACE-STUDIO-VM ACE Studio Development Software for Virtual Machine $0.00
ACE-TDL Tactical Data Link Interface Package $1,000.00
ACE-TI Terrain - Path Loss Interface Software Package $1,000.00
ACE-TRN Terrain Database Server Software $3,000.00
ACE-TTS-01 Text To Speech Software - Single Voice Stream $1,750.00
ACE-TTS-04 Text To Speech Software - Four Voice streams $7,000.00
ACE-TTS-S Spare Text To Speech License $900.00
SEC-TEL-06 IA Software Package $2,750.00


ASTi offers a wide array of operator interfaces, ethernet switches, amplifiers, speakers and audio cabling. Please contact ASTi with your specific requirements.

Part Number Description Price
A-MIC-DDU250-01 Bogen Flexible Desktop Microphone with PTT - D9M $245.00
A-PAMP-ASH-8 Powered Amplifier 8-channel $2,600.00
A-PAMP-ASH-8i Powered Amplifier 8-channel -International Version $3,100.00
A-SPKR-FX-6301NX Fostex Powered Speaker $300.00
A-SPKR-JBL-C1P JBL Control 1 Pro Loudspeaker PAIR $195.00
ACE-RIU ACE Remote Interface Unit $1,750.00
ACU2-04-02 ACU2 - 4 Channel Audio Distribution Unit $2,250.00
HD-SS-B-R Removable Solid State Hard drive and carrier $595.00
HD-SS-C-R Removable Solid State Hard Drive-1TB $750.00
HS-AN-EDU-455-USB Andrea Med Weight USB Stereo Headset $60.00
HS-AN-EDU255-USB Andrea lightweight stereo USB headset $55.00
HS-DC-10S-DC-X5M David Clark Stereo Listen only headset $350.00
HS-DC-H8530-X4M David Clark Military-style headset $365.00
HS-DC-H8530-X5M David Clark Military-style Stereo Headset $365.00
HS-DC-USB-01 David Clark Stereo USB Headset $375.00
HS-TX-PH-44R Telex Light weight Dual earphone headset with boom mic $225.00
PS-DC-01 ACU2 Daisychain Power Supply and Cable $165.00
PS-POE211-1AT Power Over Ethernet Injector-Single User $45.00
RMP-ACU2-01 ACU2 Rackmount Panel $225.00
SRMK-JGS516 16-Port ACENet Compatible Unmanaged Switch-19 in Rackmountable $250.00
TAB-222-00 Touchscreen Panel PC - 10in $1,450.00
TAB-322-20 Touchscreen Panel PC - 8in $950.00
CH-CS-LvlD Level D Spectral Analysis Package $3,500.00


Part Number Description Price
FTSW-01 PTT Footswitch $50.00
FTSW-D-703600-DP Programmable Delcom USB Deluxe Foot Switch-PreConfigured $135.00
PTT-01-012 Push To Talk Switch - Latching $175.00
PTT-05-002 4-channel Push to Talk Switch $225.00
PTT-06-002-1014 Radius Stereo PTT with Latching switch for Voisus with footswitch connection $470.00
PTT-08-012 Stereo Inline PTT switch with volume control $240.00
PTT-09-012 Four Channel Stereo PTT with latching switch $275.00
PTT-09-112 4-channel Stereo Push to Talk switch $275.00
PTT-15-012 Inline Stereo PTT Switch for DC 8530 Headset $275.00

Sample Cables

All cables are available in lengths from 1 foot up to 25 feet, for longer lengths please contact ASTi.

Part Number Description Price
CA-D15M-H10F-10-A Cable from ACU2 to stereo PTT 10 ft $220.00
CA-D15M-UT-7-A Cable from ACU or Iris to unterminated $140.00
CA-D15M-X3M-10-A Cable- D15 Male to 3 pin Male XLR - 10 feet $90.00
CA-D15M-X3M-15-A Cable- D15 Male to 3 pin Male XLR- 15 ft $100.00
CA-D15M-X4F-10-A Cable from 15pinD to headset $120.00
CA-D15M-X4F-25-A Cable from ACU to headset - 25 feet $145.00
CA-D9M-NC6M-25-C Audio Cable for Live Radio Bridging $115.00
CA-D9M-X4F-10-B Cable assy, RIU to Headset $100.00
CA-D9M-X6F-5-B Cable from ACE-RIU to 6pin Female XLR - 5feet $115.00
CA-X4F-MC01-1-A Cable assembly 1 foot $255.00
CA-X6M-X6F-15-A Extension cable - 6 pin-15 feet $120.00
CA-X6M-X6F-6-A Extension Cable - 6pin- 6 feet $110.00


Part Number Description Price
HSC-20 Technical Support Contract for Specialized Applications -20 Hrs $4,000.00
RPR-AUD Audio Distribution Unit Repair-General $450.00
TNG-CRS ASTi Standard 3-day Training Course $4,000.00
TNG-DLC-VS Voisus Distance Learning Course $995.00
TSC-100 Technical Support Contract - 100 Hrs $16,500.00
TSC-20 Technical Support Contract - 20 Hrs $3,300.00
TSC-200 Technical Support Contract - 200 Hrs $33,000.00
TSC-30 Technical Support Contract -Standard $4,950.00
TSC-50 Technical Support Contract $8,250.00
TSC-PM-30 Program Management Support $6,600.00


Part Number Description Price
SE-MIL SERA Military Operations Software $13,500.00
SE-SV-01 SERA System $77,125.00


Part Number Description Price
RS-DIS-MGT DIS Management $825.00
RS-DLM-A DIS Link Monitor - All Options $6,750.00
RS-DLM-A-SL DIS Link Monitor All Options Site License $33,750.00
RS-DLM-B DIS Link Monitor - Basic $3,000.00
RS-DLM-B-SL DIS Link Monitor Basic Site License $15,000.00
RS-DLM-RAD Simulated Radio $550.00
RS-PGEN DIS PDU Generator $550.00
RS-PLOG DIS PDU Logger $750.00
RS-PREC DIS PDU Recorder $2,250.00
RS-PROT DIS PDU Router $7,500.00
RS-PSTAT PDU Statistics $900.00
RS-RAD-RCV DIS Radio Receiver $975.00