Voisus in the Classroom

Networked Voice Comms on PCs and Tablets

Training Classroom Program Example

Features and Capabilities

  • Lightweight software client delivers networked comms to Windows and Linux PCs and tablets:
    • Simulated radios with ASTi's realistic radio environment
    • Intercoms
    • Point-to-point and conference calling
    • Text chat
  • Client/Server architecture minimizes client loading
    • The powerful Voisus server handles complex audio processing
    • Lightweight client software won't hog PC or tablet resources
  • Centralized, web-based administration
    • Author scenarios from a web browser anywhere on the network
    • Centrally manage scenario resources and monitor clients and radios
    • Make changes on the fly with no system downtime
  • A wide variety of user interfaces are available

Products Featured

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