Integrated Voice Communications

For USAF CAOC live-synthetic training environment


U.S. Air Force Combined Air and Space Ops Center
Combat Training Squadron


Integrated voice communications for live-synthetic training environment in support of training events, operational rehearsals, command-and-control tests and evaluations, experiments, and tactics development.

U.S. Air Force photo/Senior Airman Brett Clashman

Challenges &

The Air Force selected components from ASTi’s Voisus product line to replace an obsolete government-off-the-shelf (GOTS) distributed voice system and modernize networked voice communications across its enterprise.

The challenge requirements are listed in blue, ASTi's applicable components are in black:

U.S. Air Force photo/Senior Airman Brett Clashman

Expanded footprint

Expand radio-over-IP footprint to support networked distribution of live tactical radio and virtual radio communications to a large number of computer-based staff and trainees and DoD virtual flight simulators.

ASTi configured the Voisus system to provide unified voice communications for 100 computer-based staff and trainees, with access to a bank of tactical radio feeds, simulator-based comms, and voice chat rooms.


Make replacement system interoperable across the DoD's distributed training programs.

Voisus is field-proven interoperable across all of the DoD’s training programs, including Air Force DMO, Army LVC-IA, Navy NASMP and NCTE, Marine Corps ADVTE, and Joint Staff JNTC.

Web-based command and control

Provide centralized configuration and management services.

The customer can access Voisus’s configuration and management services from anywhere on the network using a browser.

Expedited fielding

Expedite delivery, replace the legacy system without changing interfaces or connectors to the rest of the infrastructure, and follow up with an aggressive fielding schedule.

Voisus products shipped from stock and provided a low-overhead, drop-in, plug-replaceable solution.

Reduce the time and manpower

Reduce the time and manpower needed to set up and conduct exercises, but minimize product training time.

To install, configure, and use the equipment: with the assistance of an ASTi engineer, the customer completed installation and testing within three days, and system administration training within one.

Reduced size, weight, and power

Reduce size, weight, and power requirements versus the old system.

The new ASTi system occupies five times less rack space than the legacy equipment it replaces.

Information Assurance (IA) compliance

Maintain ongoing compliance with stringent DoD cybersecurity certification and accreditation processes (like DIACAP ATO and RMF).

The customer subscribed to ASTi’s IA maintenance program to receive periodic software-hardening packages that are easy to install, thus relieving their technical staff of difficult, time-consuming IA chores.

Expansion path

Provide a clear, risk-managed path to additional capabilities.

Voisus is a modular product line, which means that expanding the footprint and introducing enhanced capabilities like telephone integration, virtualized servers, or operation with cloud-based architectures is as simple as adding more Voisus product building blocks.

Product lifecycle sustainment

Vendor must have a proven product lifecycle sustainment track record.

ASTi conducts sustainment-related activities as part of our continual product lifecycle management process. Over the lifetime of a product, ASTi identifies and mitigates issues related to OS migration and hardware component availability and obsolescence. ASTi customers inherit these commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) product benefits, minimizing the downstream impact of sustainment issues.

Components Deployed

Voisus Clients

Live, Virtual & Constructive (LVC) voice comms delivered to PCs, tablets and games


  • Clients: software endpoints extend virtual radios, radio-over-IP, public/private telephone, group intercom, and text chat to computers and mobile devices; includes a library of MIL-tactical radio faceplate GIUs.

Voisus Radio Bridge

Radio-over-IP for training and operational communications


  • High-fidelity ASTi radios: Voisus includes the ASTi Radio Environment as a base feature to deliver realistic effects, including crypto, hopping, ranging, and terrain.
  • Radio Bridging: integrates live and simulated comms; provides networked repeating beyond line of sight; allows radio cross-banding where disparate radio types are patched together; integrates with clients for shared access to live radio assets; remote control of down-range radios using a web browser.

Voisus Simscribe

Voice logging for after-action review and archive/retrieval


  • Simscribe: networked capture & replay tool facilitates after-action review of voice traffic; intuitive user interface with controls, time-stamping and event annotation allow the user to jump to key events.