ASTi's Radio Bridge is an economical solution for connecting live and simulated training environments, and distributing live, over-the-air voice traffic via worldwide data networks.

Compatible with radios: PRC-148, PRC-152, PRC-113, PRC-117, PRC-119, URC-200, PSC-5D and others.

Radio Re-Transmission (aka BLOS Communications)

Support Beyond Line-Of-Sight (BLOS) live radio communications between RF radios tens, hundreds or thousands of miles away.

Radio Interoperability

Bridge incompatible radio systems and join multiple radio nets into conferences.


Supports any/all combinations of the above.

Remote Radio Control

In addition to bridging communications, ASTi has added the ability to control live MIL radio assets remotely via ASTi's web-based management tools. Radios can be located in a building or facility miles away, or in the same room. Radio configuration can be performed quickly and conveniently over the network from any computer with a suitable web browser. In addition, changes can be made on the fly without interruption to training and while monitoring the radio state to ensure radios are operating properly and in the correct configuration.